1134 Hull St, Baltimore, MD 21230


is that the Locust Point Community Garden is a place where residents of all abilities will build friendships and promote health, well-being and sustainability through inclusive community activities


is that the garden will be a welcoming outdoor community place where the focus is on people, sustainable organic gardening, learning, teaching and healthy food choices


are to be welcoming, respectful, inclusive, innovative, collaborative, enthusiastic, and fun

To achieve our Vision and Mission, We will

  • allow members to participate in decision making and to consider the social and community impacts of the decision

  • work with and through others committed to building healthy and active communities

  • develop partnerships and networks with government, community, public and private sector

  • focus on the sustainability of programs and initiatives over the longer term

  • act against discrimination – treating everyone as “equal” and with respect

Our Community Garden will:

  • promote exercise and enjoyment of the outdoors

  • provide relaxation and alleviate stress through personal and group endeavors

  • connect people in our neighborhood

  • encourage inter-generational and inter-cultural interactions and learning

  • enable access to fresh nutritious food

  • offset greenhouse emissions by decreasing food miles

  • provide a means of action locally on global issues

  • beautify the community

  • be a champion for climate, environmental and social justice issues