Garden Stories and Community Benefits

The Bee Keeper Story

The Garden and the Community are One

We would like to thank you for all your support for the Locust Point Community Garden, (LPCG), it is a treasured green space in Locust Point. In addition to the individual gardening opportunities that the garden provides, it serves as a gathering place for the Locust Point community, as a whole.  It brings people together in a collective effort to preserve the limited pubic green space in the area. It is constantly commented what a great community asset the garden green space provides, along with the bee hives, which enjoy a wonderful, symbiotic relationship with the flowers, vegetables and herbs which populate the area.  

The LPCG provides fresh vegetable donations to the needy residents and organizations in the area.  The LPCG has hosted numerous events and regularly works with the local schools and scouting organizations in an effort to educate the local youth to the benefits of eating fresh vegetables and preserving the green spaces in our community, and in the city as a whole.  

We have recently had a beautiful mural painted at the Community Garden, which celebrates the beauty of our natural flora.

Other items the LPCG provides:

What Residents say about the garden

A beautiful addition to our community.  Keep the green space

A beautiful retreat in the neighborhood and one of the last of its kind in Baltimore. Locust Point wants to “Act sustainably” by continuing to utilize this space.

A city is better when it’s green spaces are thriving for notice and appreciation. To deplete the city’s green space is to cut down its potential and appeal.

A community garden cleans up the environment, provides healthier options for individuals living in Locust Point, and teaches gardening to city dwellers.

A fun hobby that's get me outside and connected.

A green space that nourishes our community in so many aspects.

A haven of green space in the city

A much needed green space for city residents

A part of the community

A sanctuary for insects, especially bees which are crucial to food production. I live in the neighborhood and enjoy watching how the garden changes through the summer and all variety of plants growing there. Keep it a green space!

A staple to the locust point community and home to many bees that need not be uprooted

Access to green space and nature is crucial for mental health. The last 3 years have been hard enough, but taking away a light in the community would only add salt to the wound.

Although I live in Fed Hill, I walk to Locust Point several times a week because of the water and multiple green spaces. This is one of my favorites. Please keep it for the LP neighbors who garden. 

Amazing green space for families to spend time together

Among the concrete and weeds, this garden emerges. It provides a sense of community in addition to vegetables and fruit. The garden is a very special place.

An integral part of our community

An oasis for honeybees. I have noticed a return of bees to my flowers. Their numbers had been dwindling. Please find an agreeable solution for our neighborhood.

Any and all green space in this community is so important for mental well-being which I know UA greatly values! I’m a former UA employee and love the company and the brand. I hope we can find a way to work together to save this space. I know concerns in the community are high as UA expands to Port Covington and the more we can collaborate during the transition the better.

As a 16 year resident of Hull St, my family & I would HATE to lose this beautiful green space!! Please save it!

As a life longer resident of LP, I remember the backyard gardens, which are few now because renovations have required parking pads.  Other green spaces have been developed and now have multiple houses on them.  Part of the charm of LP had been lost to overdevelopment.  This green space has allowed residents to come together as a community to plant, tend to and harvest produce with their neighbors and to teach our children the value of working the soil for some of the food that they eat.  We don't need another parking area or building.  Please Keep this space as a green space for the community to share.

As a Locust Point parent, this garden is a critical way of teaching my children about plants and food in an urban setting. The benefits of green spaces in cities are well-documented, positively affecting mental health, nutrition, and more. Please do not let this beautiful gem in our neighborhood be paved over.

As a longtime resident of Locust Point (38 years) and a past president of the Locust Point Civic Association, it has been a pleasure to see the development of the garden.  We need the green spaces NOT ANOTHER HOUSING DEVELOPMENT. PLEASE KEEP THE GARDEN.

As a LP resident, I love walking by the garden. I would love to see it utilized even more!

As a Master Gardener who runs the Digital Harbor High School and Community Garden in Federal Hill, this is very sad to hear.  I walked by the Locust Point garden with a friend the other day, and we were very impressed with the garden as it is now.  Many beehives, new rosebushes, more raised beds, etc.  It is a well-tended and clearly beloved space.  Please reconsider the sale and save this treasure for the community and the city.

As a member of the gym and also the garden….. I hope you hear my story.   I moved here a year ago from Michigan.   I’ve always had a garden anywhere I lived.  But moving to the city, gardening was one of my worries.  I love to grow fresh herbs and vegetables to nourish my body and have quick and healthy meals on hand.  It’s also a stress reliever for me.  Something about having my hands in soil helps me to feel grounded and know how small we are in the world.  But how a little bit of work and care, helps us grow into something beautiful and strong and fruitful.   That garden was my sanctuary in the first year I moved away from my family and everything I knew and loved.    My soul, my heart and my body need it.  

As a previous employee of UA I am proud to have worked for a company that supports the community and betters the neighborhood. We participated in many ‘give-back’ projects throughout my tenure. I have watched the hives in this garden get started and prosper, supporting biodiversity in Locust Point.

as a UA employee and Locust Point resident, it would be wonderful to see this important part of the neighborhood continue to flourish

As a UA employee I consider it a perk to work for a company that contributes to our local community in big and small ways. Providing a space for local bees to pollenate is a easy and unique way to give back and something I would brag about to others.

As one of the last green spaces left in Locust Point, it would be a shame to see it sold for more development.

Baltimore has precious few thriving and healthy green spaces left, especially in Locust Point with its industrial history and accompanying industrial pollution. Given the concessions the city of Baltimore has given to UA when it choose Tide Point as its HQ, not to mention the various tax incentives and breaks it was given, gifting a small piece of land to the community seems but a small but powerful gesture and could go a long way to repairing the company's reputation. 

Beautiful place

Beautiful spot to walk by in the city, always look forward to the honey it provides every season!

Being able to pick vegetables for a healthy meal while in a city of cement is priceless. Please don't take that away.

Bful to walk by.  Have 2 friends who are plot renters

Bright spot in the often depressing areas of Baltimore

Community gardens are a vital part of city life: people so frequently don't have access to a patch of ground to make their lives a little healthier with fresh fruits and vegetables, or a little more beautiful with flowers, or a little more supportive of the overall ecosystem with beehives and general carbon exchanges. As someone who has worked in Locust Point, I've found the community garden there to be a peaceful place to just decompress and appreciate my surroundings.

Community gardens help build the fabric of the area. They are a place for neighbors to get to know each other, to improve the environment and to build stronger families. These are all things that Baltimore needs! Please support the Locus Point Community Garden!

Community gardens impact far more than the families that directly plant there -- community gardens are a proven ingredient in neighborhood cohesion, in local policing, in society building, in ecological restoration, in climate and community resilience. This community garden has demonstrated its ability to thrive as a neighborhood-based organization. For all of Baltimore, please keep this community garden!

Community gardens like the one at Locust Point have benefits well beyond vegetables, herbs, and fruits.  They are places of connection, unity, and pride.  Please do not sell this land for development!!

During the pandemic, the Locust Point garden became my oasis of sanity. When time felt like it was stuck in a tarry nightmare, there was always something growing in my little garden plot to remind me that it was, indeed, still moving. It was a way to see people and remain connected to community without feeling scared for my health. Even outside of the worst of the pandemic, it feeds my soul to have something rooting me, literally, to the land.

Every single time friends visit and we walk through the neighborhood I highlight the garden (and for what it's worth, credit UA for bringing it to LP). It's a beautiful community feature and gathering site and would be a huge loss for our community! Please do the right thing, and be a good neighbor.

Forgive the puns, but the LP community garden is many things to me, but it is a symbol of what UA means to Baltimore as a home-grown company with deep roots in our state and city. As UA expands and grows, the garden would be a lovely monument to those roots and what corporate responsibility looks like from a company who cares about their community.

Free space in the city is a rarity that must be sought after and preserved for the health and wellness of the community. This space does just that for our Locust Point community and is a vital and cherished aspect of our neighborhood.

Friends and family of south Baltimore cherish this space… please reconsider its value to
the people who care, appreciate and maintain its value

Garden means so much to the Locust Point community. Please reconsider your plans. Thank you!

Gardens, and the pollinators that visit them, are extremely important to us all. Please, please, please Under Armour, find a way to preserve the Locust Point Community Garden. It's good for everyone.

Great place to teach our city kids about where food comes from

Greee. Spaces are disappearing in Locust Point. On a personal level, our family has enjoyed growing our own vegetables and developing new relationships with other neighbors in the garden.

Green space and community garden are essential to any City. This is a community garden that benefits not only LP but helps persevere some of Baltimore charm. Please do not get rid of our garden.

Green spaces are so critical to urban areas. Places like the LP community garden make this community special. I view UA as a positive for Baltimore city but decisions like this remind me that maybe it’s just another company who doesn’t care.

Green spaces like the Locust Point Garden are essential to the communities that surround them and are able to teach community members things they may not otherwise have the opportunity to learn. Being without this would be a loss. As a UA employee who sees the sustainability work we are doing internally, supporting sustainable initiatives in our local communities should be part of the brand as well. Let’s practice what our values preach!

Green spaces, particularly community gardens in the federal hill/locust point areas, have provided a safe space for my family after community violence impacted us directly. It is somewhere we feel safe to grow as a family.   I hope there can be a resolution to benefit all!

Having green space in our beloved neighborhoods here on the peninsula of south Baltimore is immeasurably important. Please do the right thing and preserve that space for all to use and for future generations to come.

Having local green spaces open for community members is integral to keeping people interested in an area and having an opportunity to grow.

Don't cut off this space, it won't go well with the area you call home and care about.

Having my daughter and grandkids living in Locust Point, have seen the positive impact and sense of pride every time the walk by on their walks to school, park, and yes, to the garden itself.  All savvy City planning understand the importance of “ lung” for a community.
Thank you

Having this space in the neighborhood is a huge resource. There are many neighborhoods in the city that have community garden but this is the only space we have in Locust Point. The last thing we need is more new homes or another building, we need the green space. This space supports the community and provides education for children. Your roots are in Locust Point, please don’t turn your back on the community because you are focused on Port Covington. Donating this space or keeping it and allowing the community to continue to use it will go a long way for community support of Under Armor.

Having worked with several community gardens in the area (Digital Harbor, Catholic Community of South Baltimore, and Filbert St down in Curtis Bay), I'd like to say that the Locust Point Community Garden is a wonderful asset for building community and providing a connection to nature for Locust Point. I would greatly appreciate Under Armour rethinking its stance on the garden.

I am a bird watcher and have seen multiple species in the garden space that I don’t see anywhere else in the city including humming birds and magnolia warblers. To take that space away from wildlife would be detrimental to those not so common species and also to the community

I am a city resident who believes strongly in community gardens and love to see my neighbors using this space for good. I think community gardens are such a beautiful and important feature in our urban neighborhoods. Please don’t take this garden away!

I am a local farmer of a small farm in Maryland providing plants, produce, and expertise to the members of the community garden and the surrounding neighborhood. The community garden is a hub for biodiversity, which is a much needed aspect of the Baltimore cityscape. It's presence is a work of art, improving the value of all surrounding properties. The garden and my farm support each other, and in turn provide support to the surrounding neighborhood by growing food that is donated to those in need. Last year the farm donated 2,700 lbs of fresh produce, and with the help of the community garden intend to double that this year.

I am a member of the Locust Point Community Garden, using the space to grow roses and other flowers that the lack of soil & space my city home doesn’t allow. My time spent in the garden supports my mental health, my physical health, and overall well-being. It gives me a chance to connect with other community members that I otherwise wouldn’t know or meet. The flowers in the garden serve to beautify part of the community and create a harmonic balance in the ecosystem. Hearing that this space will potentially be taken away breaks my heart. The last thing this community needs is more residential development, and it’s disheartening to think about the harm more construction will cause. Please reconsider the alternative of donating the space to keep it as a community resource and benefit.

I am from South Baltimore. I grew up on Fort Ave.
I think it is important for the city to have some gardens and green area. It is good for our ecosystem and pollination. I also like the idea that the community is able to grow their own food there.

I am so grateful for the fresh tomatoes and cucumbers that we grow on our plot.  The garden has been a great way to meet neighbors and enjoy delicious, healthy food.  I also appreciate the native plants in the garden.  These plants help filter the water that ends up in our bay and provide food and habitat for native wildlife. 

I buy honey made in this garden and it’s so good for my kids’ and my allergies to have it so local. The garden and the bees are so important for our environment and keeping green space in the city is crucial for our physical and mental wellbeing

I enjoy running by that garden. Please do not develop on it.

I enjoy walking around this garden and helping my family take care of our plot. It stands out from the otherwise drab streets of locust point.

I garden through the city at Light Street and Heath but walk by the Under Armour garden often. What a beautiful addition to the nieghborhood and how important it is to wildlife and to people. It makes the world a better place

I grew up on Fort Ave. I think it is important for aesthetics. It's also important for pollination.

I have friends who love to garden, and having this green space is one of the things that helps to keep them living in the city.

I have lived in Locust Point my whole life and also on Haubert Street which is where the garden is located. I am shocked that a developer would be given the opportunity to try and cover this property up. This location has never been built on because it has a natural spring running under it. I this because when I was younger there was a hand water pump some of you may not know what that is. Do the only anyone could do is make it a parking lot and I know many of you have issues with parking but maybe U A should let neighbors use their parking lots when most of their employees are working from home rather than take away something so nice

I have loved visiting Locust Point and seeing how the community comes together to sustainably grow its own produce and provide education to the children, as well as adults, who live nearby. This little space of land is important for the environment as well as the development of the minds of our future generation. It is sure to put a smile on a person’s face as he or she walks by to see the vibrant color coming from a city that is so concrete.

I joined this community last year when I relocated to Baltimore from the Midwest. This garden was one of the reasons I selected the home in Locust Point.

I just moved here so have not had the chance to grow anything -- but OH! how I LOVE walking past it and watching the community's bounty grow! And, if this is the one with the bees -- I have definitely enjoyed their honey bought at the farmer's market. Locust Point needs green spaces and the world, especially, needs beauty at this difficult time (inflation, politics...lay-offs, Covid...) We have enough collective stress, we need collective calm & community...natural beauty & nurturing earth and each other.

I just moved to LP a year ago and cherish this garden please keep this beautiful space!

I live in locust point and love seeing those who use the garden, that garden has brought me a lot of joy and was a small factor why I moved here. Don’t take this away from the people

I live in Locust Point and this tiny square of land is a treasured green space in our environment providing a habitat for bees, vegetables, and flowers.  I hate to think what the development of this land will do for our local honeybees which are an essential part of our ecosystem. 

I live in Locust Point, on Andre St. There is precious little green space in Baltimore, but a dirth of overpriced townhomes. Living so close to heavy industry like the port of Baltimore is terrible for your health and green space helps to counteract this. Honeybee populations are plummeting. The good done by leaving this area as greenspace is worth far more than the marginal profit made on selling this land to a developer. Things like a community garden are what make this neighborhood desirable. Leave the garden, or else find no one left interested in a poorly built new construction townhome.

I live in Locust Point, the community garden is a great asset. I hope it can be preserved.

I live next door to the community garden and have seen it develop over the year and bring the community together. Losing this garden would be a big blow to the area. Please thing about the community before selling this and developing housing.

I live on Haubert and this is the only nice green space in locust point. It’s so good for the environment as well especially being right next to a large factory such as Domino.

I lived in locust point last summer and took advantage of the wonderful community garden.  It is an oasis in the city and we were able to grow fresh vegetables

I look forward to seeing the garden on my daily walks ! Would like to have a space in the garden

I love being able to tend to my garden in the city. It gives me a sense of community and provides a beautiful space for the neighborhood to come together. It would be a disappointment for it to be paved over and a disservice to our community. Especially when under armor is receiving millions for their new locations.

I love having the green space in Locust Point. It’s one of the last few in the neighborhood with the recent development and I’d like to see it stay

I love my garden plot and would love to have another. There are SO many neighbors who ask about how they can get a garden plot. Why keep taking nice things away? Garden plots “ground” people in the city.

I love seeing the garden when I'm at the Tide Point campus! It's amazing to see a thriving green space in the middle of the city- we don't need more buildings!

I love to see and participate as a community in this garden. This gives us togetherness and also being healthy.

I moved to the Locust Point neighborhood a year ago and was overjoyed to find that a community garden was available. I have participated in community gardens in the other cities that I have lived in (San Francisco, NYC and Boston) and so it has become something so special to me to work with the land and grow my own food directly in the community I am a part of.
I am now a mama of 1 (about to be 2) and the thought of being able to share this with my children makes it even more special. I want to teach them about working with the land and how to nourish their bodies with the fresh food they grow themselves. Learning from being outside and in nature all while down the street from their own home is dream.

Please help us raise a new generation that is fueled by nature, sunshine, dirt, curiosity and community. <3

I personally grow in my back patio, but not all have the space to do so. The community garden contributes to the aesthetic of locust point. Herbs grow in large quantities along the gardens fences which provides clean, fresh herbs to those who aren’t able to grow them themselves. The garden is a staple in locust point. The bees themselves help pollinate all other plants in locust point, including my own garden. Please do not sell this to a developer. We need to have growing space. Thank you.

I relocated to Baltimore from the suburbs of PA where gardening is commonplace. However in the city there are no yards/green space to do so. The LP garden is a place where I can continue to garden with my mom, just like I grew up doing. It also helps the community by donating produce to those in need. Please reconsider the future of the property.

I reside directly across the street from the UA property and community garden in the 1100 block of Hull Street. From season to season, I have so enjoyed looking over and watching whole families/UA employees work together to make it the unique green gathering space that it has become. As tourists and visitors come through Hull Street, they comment in kind about our partnership. Many thanks to UA for years of continuing commitment to historic Locust Point and for being a good corporate citizen.

I walk by the Locust Point community garden every day, and it is the highlight of the neighborhood for me. In the summer, the garden is one of the few remaining community centers in the neighborhood. The garden provides fresh honey and produce to the community. Most importantly, it brings people together and it reminds the residents that there is still an organic sense of community in Locust Point despite the increasing development in the area.

I walk by this garden on my daily walks and enjoy seeing the plants and flowers and bees. I work in the environmental field and fully understand the need for green spaces like this in our city. I'm currently on a waitlist to join the garden and sincerely hope this space doesn't go away. It is a place for family and friends to gather; a place to build and strengthen a community; a place of quiet and calm for those who work in the garden and walk by it daily. Please do whatever you can to save this garden space.

I walk by this space and enjoy the spirit of community love. The bees are an especially special aspect of this garden. Please work together to keep cities green. Each small local decision is valued in preserving our earth

I want to be able to grow my own herbs and vegetables in my own neighborhood.

I’m a recent transplant from North Carolina, and Baltimore is wildly different from where I come from. Locust Point is a wonderful neighborhood full of character, and nothing helps a neighborhood flourish more than a sense of community. This garden serves as a point of contact for many to socialize and support one another in a busy city where they might otherwise only talk to neighbors when they have problems. Green spaces like this are so important to the vibrancy of life in a city, and I hope that the members of this community can continue to lift each other up through the shared goal of creating and growing in this space together.

I’m a resident on the same block as the garden. With so many unknowns as to what’s to come for our surrounding neighborhood, the garden represents a sustainable and living legacy for the positive that UA provided this area. The garden is the first thing our guest comment on and is truly a gem of city living.

I’m a south Baltimore homeowner and enjoy this garden on my weekend walks. It would be awful to get rid of it

I’ve been to this garden multiple times while visiting my brother’s family in Locust Grove. Seeing my three young nephews learn about caring for the land and growing their own food right in their neighborhood brings me so much joy! Please save the garden!

In addition to the garden being an attraction for pollinators, which is greatly needed in a city like ours, the mere presence of this beautiful green space contributes to our neighborhood and city. On my morning walks down to the water, I love seeing what might be sprouting or blooming. During walks with my family, I have talked with my children as they have grown about the colors of the flowers, the process of growing plants, and how important bees are to the environment.  When I have guests come to the neighborhood and we go by the garden, every single person comments on how it’s so nice to have that there, between all the concrete. As Under Armour’s presence in Locust Point diminishes, signage about this partnership between the company and the community could be a reminder for those who live and visit here. Please reconsider the sale of this land.

In Baltimore there is little green space. My family uses the garden to teach our daughter about flowers, fruit, and bees!

It brings greenery and color to a dark city. It brings butterflies for children to catch admire. Many passionate people spend time in this area and it has been a part of the community for a long time. 

It brings neighbors together.

It brings so much fun to watch your garden especially for families

It contributes to the sense of community that we have lacked in recent years. I pray there is a way to keep the garden as well as satisfy Under Armour’s need for development in the area.

It gives me enormous pride in my neighborhood, and pleasure in nature, every time I walk by, which is many times a week.

It has been wonderful for our kids to learn about gardening and watching the gardens grow

It is a beautiful addition to the neighborhood.

It is a beautiful garden that adds so much to the area and adds to the community.

It is a great addition to the community. Please don't take it away

It is a much needed green space in our community.  Most of us in community lack the space in our yards to grow fruit and vegetables.  The garden provides us the ground in which we grow our gardens. It also acts as a gathering space for the community. Families come together to share - we share growing tips,  seeds,  fruit, vegetables, etc. but most of all we get together and are a part of something that strengthens our neighborhood and beautifies it as well.
So far the garden has brought us a lot of joy.
Please continue to share your space with us. ❤️

It is a space for our locust pony community to come together and do something more than just go out. It allows us to work to cultivate a green space together, grow our own food and just adds beauty amid the concrete jungle we live in


It means a lot to me since I would like to rent a plot and teach my kids on gardening.  With very little land in Locust Point this is great little place for the community to get together to learn about plants, grown our own organic food. 

It means community to so many. Please don’t let it change.

It means everything to our community! Please keep it green!

It means more green space for our USA.   Please do not sell the property.  It's our privilege and duty to protect our green space.

It Means the World to Me, Please Keep Our Garden!! I Grew up on a Farm back In Pennsylvania, Our Family always had a Huge Garden and My Mom would teach us Girls the Beauty of Canning. Love having a Garden, and Living here in Locust Point Gives us the Opportunity to do this by Keeping Our Community Garden!!

It’s a beautiful piece of land and should be preserved!

It’s a beautiful staple, we don’t want flooding like Ellicott city

It’s a great community space.

It’s a lovely green space within the city. It houses the bees that we get local honey from as well.

It’s a nice nature experience

It’s a sacred green space, which is rare to find in the City. It helps residents meet their neighbors and fosters relationships. It teaches the children of our community about gardening, and provides a space for avid gardeners to engage in their hobby. It is a thriving and vibrant spectacle amidst concrete and blacktop. This garden should be preserved at all costs.

It’s a sweet, green sanctuary in an otherwise concrete jungle

It’s a treasured green space in our community!

It’s important to the community and to everyone else who walks by.  We all appreciate the honey and flowers from it. To take this away with no regard is just rude. The community wants the garden. The people who tend the garden are needed and it just shows complete disregard for the Lp citizens if you take it away.

It’s my safe haven and happy place where I see how my green babies are doing.  Pretty please donate it to the community. Love you UA.

It’s one of the last green lungs of Locust Point. Please don’t destroy it.

It’s so wonderful to see the beautiful green space in the center of the city and enjoy the flowers that folks are growing.

It’s such a special beautiful space and what makes LP unique and more cozy than other neighborhoods

It's a great green space.

It's a great resource of not only beauty, but food and education for the community and youth.

It's a lovely space that we’ve enjoyed since we lived in locust point for 4 years now.

It's an active, alive green space to look at, but it also brings together people and fosters connections across generational lines. Many thanks to UA for providing this resource. I am hoping this area can continue to be available to the community.

It's an amazing space in the city that is limited on community gardens.

Its important to have this green space as a part of our company. Simply beauty, nature, community, ecologically responsibility are some of the factors that make this space so important to our community!

I've lived at locust point for 25 years.The addition of the community garden is one of the precious gems that has been added to an area that is growing and developing.There's not a lot of empty green spaces in this neighborhood and this is a great addition for all to enjoy.

I've loved watching the garden *blossom* through the recent years and I would like to keep a green spot in this concrete jungle.

Little green space in Locust Point—let’s preserve what we have. The community garden is a blessing for the residents.

Living on Hull Street, it’s a joy to see the garden daily living in the city

Locust Point is an increasingly vibrant and health conscious neighborhood and am sure  lot of its residents have purchased your merchandise,  There are so very few community gardens in our City....don't pave paradise.

Locust Point is a beautiful neighborhood that values its green space. Please don't limit the accessibility of green space by paving it over to the highest bidder.

Locust point is a beautiful part of our city, and this lovely green space needs to be protected.

Locust point is a family friendly neighborhood and community spaces like this make it feel like home. This community values the shared garden and doesn't need more buildings.

Locust Point is my home and the garden is so important to the community.  Baltimore is rife with unoccupied space and has so little greenery.

Locust Point is such a wonderful unique neighborhood and Under Armour presence has definitely had a positive influence.  The community green space has contributed greatly to this community and part of what gives Locust Point that community feel which is lacking in most other city neighborhoods. Please reconsider the proposed use of this property, it will be a huge loss and negative impact on this wonderful neighborhood. Thank you for your consideration.

Locust Point is the absolute best neighborhood in Baltimore City and having these green spaces really contributes to this. Not only does this green space beautify the neighborhood, the residents really rely on this area as well. If Under Armour really wants to show that they are not just another soulless company, they need to leave this space for the neighbors.

Locust Point needs the greenspace.  Also, this is a worthy cause helping our bee community.  It is important in Baltimore for neighborhoods to have community gardens.

Love getting honey from our community bees!

Love walking by and seeing the gardens.

Love walking by it and seeing all the blossoming flowers! This should not be taken away from SOBO!

Love walking by this green space! so comforting to see the plants, vegetables, and flowers in all city & cement

Makes the neighborhood beautiful

My 3 year old son loves the garden and it continues to foster his love of nature despite living in a city. He helps his dad everyday there.

My co-worker lives in near this garden and it's an important part of her space as a city resident.  Please consider selling to an owner who will preserve this as a green space.  Thank you.

My daughter lives in this community and I enjoy the garden every time I visit.

My family enjoys the honey produced by the bees from this green space.

My family has had a plot at the garden for the past three years.  The garden, not only has produced great vegetables, but the experience of gardening has been relaxing. 

My family has had a plot in the garden for the past year and have loved being able to walk to it and grow our own vegetables. We love seeing neighbors there and walking amongst the various plots and seeing what everyone is growing. The green space is an amazing feature for our community and I hope we can find a way to maintain in.

My friends enjoy gardening here, and it is a source of income for them. Their business would be interrupted and possibly permanently thwarted.

My husband and I live in Locust Point and just had our first child this winter. We have been looking forward to getting a spot in this garden to plant with our son each spring, cultivate each summer, and harvest each fall. For the past year, my husband has been looking forward to daily walks to the garden, pulling our son in a wagon in tow along with gardening materials; he is so excited. Our hearts would break if this garden was taken away from our wonderful neighborhood.

My sister is one of the hundreds that has been able to utilize this land to harvest and grow some of the most beautiful plants I’ve seen.  Given the limited amount of growing/green space in the city, it would be such a disappointment to lose this space, for all, to lose this opportunity to grow and harvest crops. 

My son lives in Locust Point and has a new baby boy. He and his wife want to carry on the gardening tradition of my father who loved to garden! Thank you!

My wife and I live in Locust Point with our young daughter and dog.  The garden is one of the unique features of our neighborhood that makes family walks so enjoyable and our community the best in the city.

My wife and I moved into Locust Point almost 5 years ago, and losing this community garden would be such a disappointment for the neighborhood to lose.

Not much green space in Locust Point and it’s important for children and families to have a space they can grow food and experience a yard setting. Keeping this space as a teen space is worth more than any profit off the sale!

Not only is it a green space, but it has serverd as a place for our community to meet , knowing each other, the neighborhood is safer.

One of the “gems” of this neighborhood. It has brought so much joy to our family and community. It’s needed - please let us keep it 🙏🏾

One of the things that makes me so proud to live in LP is our communities amazing effort to have a such an beautiful garden, that educates our youth and while creating a safe ecosystem for pollinators to gather.

Our 6 and 5 years old girls have been planting in the garden for 3 years now. Please do not take this away from us. This is space is cherished and very well cared for by the community.

Our family has cherished this community garden,  our young daughters love getting involved and learning how to grow the healthy food that they eat and to learn about gardening and the bees!

Our family, including our 2 kids, have planted in the community garden for 5 years now. We use it to grow fresh food, observe the bees, explore local ecology and support environmental stewardship. Please allow us the opportunity to continue using and sharing this space.

Our slice of green space that we grow our veggies

Please do not take this beautiful garden away from our great community.  It means so very much to so many people.. Many families, including the children get so much joy and education from it.  It seems when you first came to our neighbor you were such a great neighbor to have.  Please continue to be such and leave  us with the great memories with this beautiful green space for our community.    Thanks so much!

Please do not take this garden away from the community! Baltimore doesn’t have enough shared community spaces/neighborhood hubs that bring people together, or green spaces that provide sanctuary to insects, birds and other wildlife. If you proceed with the sale of this land you’ll be responsible for the destruction of something rare and valuable.

Please keep this garden. My Autistic nephew works here. This garden has been a huge help for him. Not to mention how important this garden is to the community.

Please let this beautiful space continue to be a community garden!

Please let us keep this space! With townhomes, there is so little gardening or green area anyways, leaving only community gardens left. While being an eco-fanatic anyways, I love to have fresh veggies and herbs from my garden. Please relocate us or keep it

Please maintain the garden being that our pollinators are supremely important to our ecosystem.

Please please do not develop this plot. It is a beautiful focal point of locust point and a wonderful community area! It is the draw of locust point and one of the last spots that is not developed!

Please save our garden! You’ve been a part of our community and have been good corporate citizens. Please donate this garden to the community.

Provides us a space for fresh veggies and community involvement/engagement

Safe community space to spend time outdoors

Save our garden and the green space in Locust Point!

Save the LP Community Garden! This is where is get my honey!

The community garden adds an area of tranquility to the neighborhood that is cherished whenever we go for walks. It’s a green space whose value cannot be measured  since it’s unique to our community.

The community garden is a cherished asset for Locust Point.  Please donate the land to the Locust Point Community Association.   Thanks for considering.

The community garden is a critical part of what makes Locust Point one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Baltimore. As a city that is struggling to maintain population and consistently fights against negative images portrayed in the media, maintaining spaces like the community garden is critical to changing the narrative, increasing investment and positive community engagement.

The community garden is a vital part of creating peace, health, and beauty in our neighborhood. With a refuge for bees, wild birds, and even some of our wild children who love to play in the dirt and find earth worms while digging beds for seeds, loss of this space would be deeply felt.

The community garden is one of the things that makes LP the amazing neighborhood that it is.  It is tragic to consider that this beautiful green space will be turned into a development.  This garden brings my wife joy every summer - it is really upsetting to think that we may not have this in the future.

The community values this garden and is some of the only green space in LP.  No one wants more townhomes or apartments.  Please donate to the neighborhood association.

The garden area should be saved for everyone to continue to enjoy.  I love to watch the garden bloom and it provides a lovely piece of joy in a concrete environment. Please don't take it away.

The garden has been a place to teach my children about gardening and sustainable living. It provides local honey that helps with their allergies.

The garden is a beautiful and enjoyable green space in our community that should be protected!

The garden is a bright spot in the community and adds to the beauty of the neighborhood. While more and more green space is disappearing, this small lot allows for neighbors to cultivate plants in a safe space. Please save this small green space!

The Garden is a community green space that is loved by the neighborhood.  We need as much green space as possible.  Please keep this space green!

The garden is a community treasure. In a city with little green space, the garden gives our kids a safe place to dig in the dirt and learn how to garden, creating a life-long love of the earth and healthy eating. Please help us preserve this garden fo years to come!

The garden is a focal point, gathering and safe space in our community. We put countless hours of work and emotion into making it what it is, and we would love to keep it going.

The garden is a gem and brightens our neighborhood.

The garden is a green space available to the community at large. Fresh fruits and vegetables is important for the nourishment of our bodies.

The garden is a green space in our city worth preserving as it is a source of community, utility, and beauty for the Locust Point neighborhood.

The garden is a meeting spot where community members come together to engage in partnership with others. The outdoor space is an addition to the community that adds a sense of pride for all of those that utilize it.

The garden is a staple in the community and should remain as such.

The garden is a staple of the community

The garden is a treasured space in our neighborhood and helps us build up our community. Please allow it to continue.

The garden is a valuable community asset, and it is so lovely. Please keep this green space for our neighborhood!

The garden is a vital component to a thriving LP community. It would be a shame for UA to reduce green space for our community. UA has been such a supportive host up until now and I do not want to see this relationship soiled.

The garden is a welcome space for urban residents to build community, learn from each other, and and foster a garden.

The garden is a wonderful community space!  Please keep it thriving!

The garden is a wonderful part of our community in Locust Point. We recently got a plot and are so looking forward to growing our own vegetables and helping to beautify the space. The honey bees are an important part of the garden as well and provide huge benefits to the environment, as well as delicious honey! Please do not sell this beautiful space!

The garden is an essential part of our community

The garden is an excellent source of green space in the developed city of Baltimore. This greenery is a rarity and provides the whole urban community with a connection to nature. It would be a real disappointment to many loyal Locust Point residents to see their beloved community garden destroyed!

The garden is an important part of Locust Point’s ecosystem as well as a community center

The garden is an important part of our community

The garden is an important part of the locust point community and provides fresh fruit and vegetables to families. It also houses many bees. Please let us keep this integral part of our life in Baltimore.

The garden is an integral part of our LP neighborhood. it provides a wonderful patch of green with vegetables, flowers, honey and a beautiful mural. I look forward to taking walks and seeing which plants are flowering/vegetables are in season etc. The neighborhood would not be the same without this bright little patch of land

the garden is an integral part of the community and teaches our kids about the climate, and valuable gardening skills

The garden is an opportunity for community members to occupy their time, mingle , while also making the environment appealing to the eye. It also gives kids an opportunity to try gardening to potentially find a hobby. This is a great stress reliever and outlet for community members

The garden is beautiful and a source of fresh produce.  The honey is totally local and carries the pollen needed to reduce my allergies.  I hope you can find a way to continue to donate use of this land to the gardeners.

The garden is important to the community and environment.

The garden is lovely to look at and provides some green space for an otherwise urban neighborhood.

The garden is my child’s favorite part of our daily walks. They love to see the beauty and change every time we pass by. Please consider keeping this pocket of peace and beauty in our neighborhood.

The garden is one of only a few green spaces left in our once green neighborhood. I am the 3rd generation to live in my house and the memories of childhood are gone,. All the empty lots we played in are gone. New homes are popping up everywhere. We don’t need any more buildings. Let’s save our neighborhood.,

The garden is our little slice of agriculture. It is such a joy to see our city kids grow up learning about how to grow their own food!

The garden is so important to so many local people, and enhances the general allure of Locust Point.  As such, it reflects well on Under Armour.  Selling the lot, on the other hand, would have the opposite effect.

The garden is something we can model our community on. It is vibrant, nourishing, collaborative.  The garden takes a team to build and maintain and the success of this garden is an example of how much a team can accomplish when they work towards one goal. 

The garden is such a beautiful, tranquil spot in an area desperately in need of green space.  It would be a terrible mistake to pave over this special place enjoyed by so many adults and children.  The last time I was there a group of Girl Scouts were watering the plants and flowers.  Please don’t take that away.

The garden is such a big part of the community and I’m supportive of the honey bees venture!

The garden is such an amazing addition to our Locus Point neighborhood. Living in a city it is hard to find green spaces but this small patch of land means so much to so many! Save the garden, save the bees!

The garden is therapeutic to the community.  We love to see the flowers and vegetables growing in the garden.  The children also love to plant flowers and produce in the garden. It's also a community space to hold community events with the neighbors.

The garden makes a community stand out more and makes the ambiance more welcoming.

The garden makes LP a much more beautiful neighborhood!

The garden makes the community (bees, birds, gardeners) very happy. I think it’s better to work with a community that’s trying to improve the neighborhood than quash their efforts for a  bit of cash.

The garden means food, greenery, fresh air, a place to gather and socialize

The garden plot allows me to grow cucumbers which I use in my prize winning pickle recipe.  Tomatoes taste the best when they are home grown.  Our plot gives both delicious tomatoes and cucumbers.  We grew tomatoes and cucumbers on our deck in pots for years, but they do much better when planted in the ground.  Plants grown in pots are more stressed and susceptible to disease..  We don't have a yard at our home so we don't have the ability to plant directly in the ground at our house.   We really appreciate having a place to grow healthy plants.

The garden provides a beautiful place for the comminity

The garden provides an open, green space and a place for the honeybees to pollinate.

The garden provides urban dwellers a place to get to know other members of the community; be outdoors; have an opportunity to grow their own fruits and vegetables and take care of the environment.

The garden supports the community by bringing people together, teaches children where their food comes from and of course, reduces pollution along with providing natural beauty.

The Locust Point Community Garden has created a safer and healthier Baltimore. It is a real oasis for the city. Please save this space for the community.

The Locust Point Community Garden is a cherished resource in our community, it provides a space for residents to come together, grow their own food, and learn about the importance of environmental stewardship.  Also, it is one of the last green spaces around Baltimore’s harbor. We are asking UA to work with us to find a way forward to designate this area as a garden and community green space.  As an example, Coca-Cola did this when they donated the property for our little league field. 

The Locust Point Community Garden is a local treasure created by a close, personal partnership between UA and neighbors. This garden plays so many critical roles - supporting urban wildlife, improving nutrition and health for local families, and building bonds and trust between UA and the community. What a unique asset. Please, UA, preserve this garden and value it as the precious asset it has become.

The Locust Point Community Garden is such an important community resource in our neighborhood.  It provides a space for neighbors to come together, grow our own food, and learn about the importance of environmental stewardship.  Also, it is one of the last green spaces around Baltimore’s harbor. PLEASE, PLEASE donate the land to our community.

The Locust Point Community Garden serves so many functions that enrich the Locust Point neighborhood, from much needed green space to shared experiences among neighbors who are building relationships through the community garden. Under Armour should care about their community enough to keep supporting this flourishing garden.

The Locust Point Community Garden, one of the last green spaces around Baltimore’s harbor, is a cherished resource in the Locust Point community, involving close to 100 neighborhood households.
  The Locust Point Community Garden provides a space for residents to come together, grow their own food, and learn about the importance of environmental stewardship.  I am asking Under Armour to work with residents of Locust Point to find a way forward to designate this area as a garden and community green space.

The Locust Point Garden has brought beauty, community sharing, and so much more to this area.  During my summer and fall visits, my 8 year old granddaughter is so excited to show me what is growing in her family plot.  She helps her parents plant, water, pick their vegetables, and maintain the plants!  Please do not take away this joy in her life!!  One cannot find a fenced area like this in the city of Baltimore!!  And kuddos to the residents who maintain this area and keep this project going!  Be a good neighbor and don’t let this neighborhood down! 

The Locust Point garden is a place that our community cherishes deeply. It fosters opportunities to learn, connect and share.

The locust point garden is important to the neighborhood for its display of the beauty of nature, a restful place, as well as a place to learn about nature and science. It provides the local community with an opportunity to grow their own food and flowers, with the benefit of bee pollination! The harvested honey is loved and anticipated by all who have tasted it.
Please preserve this space which provides obvious and unseen benefits to the community, near and far.

The LP Community Garden is not just an important green space in a city with too few green spaces, but it's critically important to the sense of community in Locust Point.  It's a place for neighbors to run into each other and say hi, share planting tips, celebrate the start/end of a season - any number of things.  Stewardship of a shared space is important to a neighborhood, and this particular shared space also happens to provide a place for the families here to grow food and build community at the same time.  Please work with us to preserve this critically important space for our family, neighbors and fellow Baltimore residents. 

The spirit of LP is probably what made it an attractive place for UA in the first place. Maintaining the things like that garden is more important than whatever other plans are in place for the space.

The wonderful honey the bee hives would produce!

This community garden as it currently exists is a massive benefit to our city. It’s a wildlife sanctuary, provides healthy food to the community, reduces the urban heat island effect and connects people at a deeper level.  If we as a species are to weather the storm of a changing climate, green, dense spaces need to be preserved and expanded, not destroyed or segmented, and replaced with expensive housing and pavement.  Shame on Under Armour for not valuing our city or the community that’s supported it.

This community garden is a vital part of Locust Point. It is a place where neighbors can come together to grow food and build strong bonds. As the owner of this land, you have been a community partner. Do the right thing. Carve out this garden from your development deal. Ensure that this community garden continues to thrive in this neighborhood.

This community garden is an amazing and special place in the heart of Locust Point.  Our community has very little green space and having a place where community members can garden and grow flowers, fruits and vegetables makes our neighborhood more attractive to homeowners.  It is also a learning space for the community kids.  For example, my children have attended girl scout outings at the community garden where they've learned not only the basics of gardening, but also the importance of volunteerism and how a community can work together to create a special space for all.  Please do not take this away from our neighborhood.  We have no need for more development/housing - we need to keep the things that make Locust Point special - this garden being one of them.

This garden and green space are so essential to our community and the pollinators in the area. It is not only a beautiful space but a huge part of the ecosystem in the area.

This garden and green space have been life changing. I’ve never gardened before this and have a thriving garden, am part of a rejuvenating community. This garden offers peace, serenity and growth! So much of baltimore City is paved, bricked, or developed- this green space needs to be maintained so other people and families have the same opportunity as I have received. I’m grateful for UAs participation- but it should not end now. UA is part of Baltimore and calls it home, let’s treat it that way and preserve while building and growing elsewhere.

This garden does so much for the community. Please don’t take that away.

This garden has been a part of the community please allow the community to use it.

This garden has been very important for teaching my little grandson how things grow. In that small plot he was able to watch his tomatoes and beans and zinnias grow from seeds to flowers and fruits. Eating the tomatoes right off the vine was a special treat. Kids growing up in cities need experiences like this. Please don't bury this productive green space in concrete.

This garden is a community staple. We have events where we all cook food using the veggies. We all buy honey from the bees here. Our local Girl Scout troop plants flowers here.

This garden is a critical green space for neighbors to learn, foster, and enjoy -- selling this land to a developer to pave is removing the community of our cherished resources, and would be a terrible decision that negatively impacts the entire neighborhood. This area should be protected as a community garden and green space!

This garden is a special place in our community. It has nourished and educated so many in the area.

This garden is an anchor for the Locust Point Community. It's loss would be devastating for the 80+ local households that rely on this space as an outlet from work, place to relax and place to grow food and plants. This is one of the finest community gardens in the City. The loss of any community garden is a big deal, but to lose one that is such an upstanding model would not only be a loss for Locust Point, but also for the greening community here in Baltimore. If you, as an organization, truly care about the best interests of this city, you will do the right thing and make sure this garden is protected.

This garden is an integral part of our community - not only is it valuable green space that provides beauty and growth, it also brings members of the neighborhood together. 

This garden is beautiful and beneficial to the community. Selling it to be paved over would be tragic. Do the right thing UA.

This garden is peace, healing, love & light. It provides soul food that very few things can, and it’s in our beautiful neighborhood. It’s everyone’s backyard. Please don’t sell this for development. I beg of you.

This garden is so important for the community, for the environment and for our city. As more and more green spaces are being developed for the sake of corporate greed (because lets be honest, they're not being made into affordable, accessible housing) our city is losing the things that give Charm City its charm. Let's preserve what is special, unique and beneficial to the environment. When the environment is healthy the community is healthy. UA has the resources and the influence to preserve this green space for generations to come.

This garden is such a beautiful bright spot in the LP community. It’s a hidden gem that is cared for by the great people in our neighborhood. I urge you to preserve it and allow for it to continue provide us with a beautiful place to share our green thumbs and foster neighborly camaraderie.

This garden is such a nice feature to our neighborhood, my husband and I have lived in LP for almost 5 years and would be so sad to see this go.

This garden is the best way for our neighborhood city kids and residents to grow up learning about plants and fresh food while still being able to enjoy all the engaging aspects of the city!

This garden is very important to my daughter and emotional well being.  Please save this.

This garden is very important to the Community.

This garden means a lot not only to me and my family, but to the community as well. As development continues throughout the City, open green space becomes more and more precious, especially for families like mine that want to commit to the city and not flee to suburbs just to have backyard to plant a garden. We are so grateful that Under Armour has allowed us to utilize this garden over the past several years giving us an opportunity to grow our own food and teach our kids the importance of gardening. We really hope you don't take that away from them.

This garden means so much to the community. In a city filled with metal and cement it’s such a nice sanctuary for people to come together and be surrounded by nature

This garden provides so much to the community in Locust Point and surrounding areas! Please allow neighbors to continue to sow the land

This garden space adds vibrancy to an otherwise brick walled neighborhood. To see the community come together to make a garden is beautiful and unique. Please don’t remove such a bright spot in our neighborhood.

This garden was my outlet for rest, creativity, and growth when I lived in Locust Point 2020-2021. I loved sharing my plot with my housemates. We can’t lose this garden!

This green space/garden has allowed me to share my love of gardening with my grandchildren.  It is so necessary in our city

This has been a great community garden space.  Hoping we can work something out to keep it our community garden.

This is a beautiful green space! So many opportunities for Under Armour to work with this space and gardening group to enhance their community outreach.

This is a cherished space and should be preserved for generations to come…

This is a coveted green space that is enjoyed and productively utilized by all Locust Point residents, young and old alike; please let us continue.

This is a great resource for our community. I surmise that since UAs interests have moved to Port Covington they are in the process of divesting from LP. In the interest of the community that has supported UA for all these years they should donate this small patch of greenery back to the community. I'm sure these developers have their sites on all the underused parking lot areas for future development. I wouldn't be surprised if the huge parking lot at Hull and Key Hwy becomes a huge townhouse community.

This is a local gem. Please don’t take it away.

This is a place of escape, healing and a place to be in touch with the earth. A space to be free within the city and find green all around you where it is no more.

This is a true community resource.  It would be great to collaborate with you on keeping it.

This is a vital community resource. It has been a huge visible effort if UA’s devotion to the local community. Please find a solution to allow it to stay.

This is a well used green space for the community that is highly valued

This is a wonderful addition to the neighborhood. Fresh grown produce, bees, and flowers.  Lee ally makes the neighborhood beautiful. I was in a waitlist to get a spot to grow my own super hot peppers and hope to add to this blame on f community space

This is an amazing community space. Such a treasure in the neighborhood.

This is an amazing green space that has done nothing but provide amazing food to the communities.  Please consider leaving this space for the bees and families!

This is an integral part of our urban neighborhood and a way to cultivate both community and produce. Please consider what taking this away would mean to our community.

This is green space which is great for the environment. I choose the environment over the small profit you will get. Or give back your tax break.

This is one of the few bright sights in the neighborhood. Paving this over for more blocks of concrete would make the neighborhood hideous. UA has thrived via a generous gift from the city, paid for with our residents’ taxes, so return the favor by helping keep the neighborhood beautiful.

This is our community.

This is right by a friends house and one of my favorite stops when I come to visit her! Super unique and beloved by the community and would be a true loss both environmentally and socially if it were destroyed.

This is the largest, nicest community garden on the peninsula and I believe the only apiary. If there is ANY way to save this green space it would greatly benefit the neighborhood.

This is vital to our community

This land is a prized space in our neighborhood please reconsider the sale of this land and the negative impact it will have on our neighborhood. We appreciate the partnership in recent years to make a positive impact.

This neighborhood has been so overdeveloped and this green space is a treasure to the community.  Take the write off and donate this plot of land to Locust Point residents many of whom work at Under Armour.

This plot has hosted my bees and given me a connection to the area. The neighborhood benefits from their pollination, purchase my honey and I’ve taught what bees mean to children. My favorite thing someone has told me when picking up their honey is that “the community really embraces you and the bees.”

We’re front and center sharing what nature can do for us and I’d hate to take that away.

This plot of land is important to the environment and community. We cannot continue to pave over green space and permeable surfaces.

This space is loved by so many! Please do the right thing and let it stay!!

This space is so important to our neighborhood

This space means a lot to Locust Point residents!

This space means so much to so many in the city!!

This would be so helpful to our neighborhood. We love what UA does for its neighbors.

Throughout the spring and summer my husband and I get local honey and produce from the garden grown by our own neighbors. This is a staple in our community and needs to remain intact.

To whom it concerns at Under Armour, while we might not live in Baltimore we have family that do who benefit from this garden. In a city with very little green space it is a slice of Heaven that brings beauty and function to those in the area. More than that though food security effects so many Americans these days and a big part of that issue is two pronged - 1) is the lack of access to produce for those that cannot afford it 2) honeybees lack of access to pesticide free living. The community garden is a small part of a much larger picture of addressing these two major issues that mean much more then the impact of only Locust Point locals. Please work with the community to preserve and protect this garden, not just for now, but more generations to come! Save the garden, preserve the beauty, make community produce access easier, and more than anything save the bees - without whom none of us can eat. Sent with much respect from a long time loyal customer.

Walk by this garden just about everyday and always think to myself how beautiful it is and what it stands for. I would hate to see it “disappear” .

Walking to the harbor connector by the Under Armour headquarters everyday and seeing how much the garden was thriving was something I always look forward to. The Locust Point Honey that is made there is the best honey I've tried, and I use their honey for morning coffees. Locust point is a very much a heavy industrial neighborhood, so to see that there was this beautifully kept garden is what made the neighborhood more charming. The fact that Under Armour is selling this area to some residential builder is very unsettling since we should be trying to preserve as much green in this city and this neighborhood. Makes me look at Under Armour negatively now. Don't get rid of this garden and hurt the many neighbors and businesses who use this garden and give back to the community.

We are making the choice to stay in the city and raise our girls here, we need green oases like this for them!

We are new to Baltimore and to Locust Point, and love the community garden and all it stands for.

We desperately need our green spaces and greater food security to keep our cities livable.  Please give priority to people over profits

We don’t need more HOA homes in our neighborhood. What we need is a community garden where we can go grow our own plants and food, keep our bees alive and have some green space in a rather ungreen neighborhood. There’s an entirely new neighborhood being built right next to Locust Point, the developers can go there. Developers ruin neighborhoods and economies as well as create terrible living spaces that fall apart quickly. This is a horrible move! The garden is a precious space that supports so many.

We have thought of you as a neighbor…and bought stock in UA as a result.  Please reconsider your sale of this land.   It contributes to our ability to perceive ourselves as a COMMUNITY and to function as a COMMUNITY.   Thank you

We live in Locust Point and love walking past this little garden; its a bright spot in the City and one of the things that makes our neighborhood so special. 

We love our community garden and green space! Adds value to houses, provides cooling area in all the concrete, lovey place to teach children how food is made.

We love our green space, please help us keep it this way!

We love the city, but rely on having some green space in the community to grow fresh fruits and vegetables.

We love the community garden- it’s a vital part of our neighborhood!

We love the community garden. My kids love to stop and look at the flowers, vegetables and bee hive boxes

We need to preserve as much green space in the city that we can. It’s wonderful to see flowers in the city.

We really appreciate all UA has done as a corporate neighbor and are disappointed they are moving out of the LP facility.  Donating the community garden would be another much appreciated gesture on UA's part.  The garden is a very nice green space that has been embraced by the community and would be greatly missed if it is sold for development.  Thanks for your consideration.

We really value the garden, it definitely gives our community a place to teach, and grow and stay a healthy community.

We think it’s important to keep this green space for our community, we certainly have enough buildings to last the area forever!

When I moved to Locust Point during the pandemic, this garden was essential for my mental well-being as it provided an outdoor space to have conversations with friends and neighbors and experience the joy of growing your own food!

When I walk near the garden it gives me such a ense of peace.  Please do not develop this piece of land.

When many of us have zero dirt to work with, the garden gives us the chance to have a small plot.

Where else can we get honey so local? Great for people with allergies. And community gardens are a vital part of wvery community who has them! This land should remain a garden

With very little green space in our community, we rely on the community garden to add beauty and sustenance.  Taking it away from the community goes against Under Armour's commitment to the community.  There is enough development in our neighborhood.  With Under Armour expanding and possibly leaving our community, this will be devastating to the good health and the good will that has been established.  Please reinforce your commitment to the community instead of abandoning it.

Wonderful  oasis in the middle of Locust  Point.

Would love to grow vegetables with my kids.