Rules & Regulation

  • Hours of operation are dawn to dusk. No one is allowed to be in the garden outside of these times.

  • Visitors are not permitted in the garden unless accompanied by a current garden plot holder.

  • Combinations to the garden locks shall not be shared.

  • Children must be supervised.

  • Dogs and other family pets are not allowed.

  • Garden plots are to be used for growing fruits, vegetables, and flowers for personal use only and not for commercial sales.

  • Gardeners must maintain their plots and adjacent pathways throughout the growing season.

  • Littering or dumping is not allowed. No kitchen garbage is allowed.

  • Harvesting another plot is only allowed with explicit permission from the individual assigned to that plot.

  • Non-organic pesticides and impermeable plastic ground coverings are prohibited.

  • The garden is a smoke-free/vaping-free area.

  • Caution: This area has bee hives. Do not disturb the honey bees, our vegetables and flowers depend on them.